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Our students excel in reading, writing, science, social studies and math through a combination of hard work and dedication of our teachers, all of whom are Florida certified in-field and designated Highly Qualified under No Child Left Behind, our parents working at home with their students, and a Board who is supportive and interested in each child doing his or her “personal best”. Since many of our students continue from the elementary school, the transition to middle school is an easy one in an environment where many have been taught and nurtured since their younger days.

 Our middle school program consists of a formal Reading class for all students. We have always felt that formal reading instruction cannot stop in 5th grade; there are still many skills to be learned and honed and wonderful literature to be read, analyzed and discussed and one full period daily is devoted to this. Language Arts emphasizes writing both for FCAT and in the content areas. Math is taught through the Standards and qualified students in 8th grade are eligible to take Algebra 1 for high school credit. Science and Social Studies are taught through a combination of the Standards, classroom instruction, and an array of field trips designed to enhance the curriculum. Trips to Peanut Island, the Kennedy Bunker and the Coast Guard House tell the first-hand story of our rich history including the early 1900‘s and the Cold War, and science experiments out on the island include seining and an analysis of marine life. “Building Better Readers” is a delightful annual event during which the the teachers write a play, don their costumes, and show in their hilarious way how parents can work with their children. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Coastal Clean-up and take field trips to the Everglades, Loggerhead, and Jupiter Lighthouse - just to name a few.

 It has been my pleasure for the past two years, having completed 10 years as Principal of PBMA, to watch students who entered in Kindergarten walk across the stage at the end of 8th grade to receive their certificates!