Public Records Requests

Requesting Public Records
According to Florida law, all public records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person, unless the records are exempt or confidential.
If you would like to submit a non-student public records request to the School District of Palm Beach County (District), one way to obtain the records would be to contact the Office of Public Records Management.
Florida's records management program is authorized by F.S. 257.36 – Records and Information Management and applies to public records as defined in F.S. 119.011 -
Definitions. Further, School Board Policy 2.041 guides the District’s implementation of these requirements relating to public records.

    To request student records, see Student Records Requests.
  • Email:

  • Non-Student Records - Public Records Request:
  • Phone: (561) 578-5700
  • Fax: (561) 540-5177
  • By Email:
  • Email:
  • By Mail
  • Attn:
    PBMA Public Records Request
  • Public Records Request
  • 600 S East Coast,
  • Lantana, FL 33462

Note that a requester may be asked to clarify the request if it is ambiguous to the custodian.
As a matter of convenience, public records, subject to statutory exemptions or confidentiality and any charges as stated below, are available upon request through various methods of delivery.
Public Records may be emailed to the recipient or sent via regular mail to a physical address.
The in-person inspection of public records is also available by a mutually agreeable time for an appointment during business hours.

Please be aware that a charge may apply for copying and/or a special service charge for staff time or for extensive use of information technology resources associated with retrieval, reviewing records for statutorily exempt information, and other stated procedures concerning the responsive document(s) or information for a public records request.
If a deposit is required for these charges as allowed by F.S. 119.011 - Definitions and School Board Policy 2.041 (Sections 14-17) the requester will be notified.